01 April 2009

Last sleep's dream

Ok. This was weird. When I do dream, it's always funky and RARELY sensible.

I just remember being an uncle (though I'm still the same age) to two kids and I live in CJ's house from GTA: SA but it was all real like. I had a niece and a younger nephew. She grew up taking care of him and she had this shitty car that she'd drive everywhere. When they were at school I purchased some older car, but it was a strong muscle car with a lot of potential. They came home and I suprised them and my niece loved it. They drove off and I went elsewhere.

Then I blanked.

The next thing I remember was being at the bottom of this big-hilled neighborhood (downtown Kent?). Anywho I was with my best friend Dan and two others that I can't remember. We were in some house all of a sudden with a girl I grew up with and used to be so infactuated with who we'll call "Gwen". We were chatting and then it started snowing outside. I somehow endedup in the woods and it was dark. I was wandering for what felt like a good five minutes and then found a big mag-light. I put it in my back pocket. I found a road in the middle woods that led to some houses. Everything was blacked out and some people were in a mini frenzy. I found that car that I had purchased for my niece and started pushing it to get back to wherever the hell I was with Dan, Gwen and the others. The car was too much for me and I pushed it to the side of the road with other stranded (and abandoned) vehicles. I found my way onto some smaller train within the woods again and using my flashlight I found some big redhead girl on a motorbike. We didn't speak a word, but we felt like we wanted to help each other. I started lighting the way with the mag and she rode in front of me. I somehow kept up with the motorbike just running. Eventually we arrived back into civilation and I went inside this resort-esque looking cabin. I ran to this big underside of a flip flop to hug it and then it turned into a girl I dated who we'll call Ruby. Ruby and I kissed and she was saying how she was worried and scared and relieved I was okay. Dan and I shook hands and I couldn't help but feel people were blowing this "storm" out of proportion. Ruby and I walked around outside where it was snowing lightly and then I blanked again.

The final part of my dream was me running around the bottom of the hill again looking for the girl I'm seeing right now who we'll call Elle. I was panicked and running around. There was a huge dragon-type monster blocking me from her. I somehow fought the dragon and beat it down with just my fists. She ran up and hugged me (in good ol' cinema fashion) and we kissed. She sat me down and looked over my wounds. I was all bloodied, but not seriously injured. My "little brother" Mikey came out of nowhere and helped me back into that cabin where Dan, Gwen, Ruby, Mikey, my niece and nephew and Elle were all standing there looking down at me as I laid on a couch, resting. I passed out..

.. and that was my dream.

I have my own theories where some of these factors came from, but this was straight up ODD. I never remember dreams and these many situations in this kind of detail. Check the comments.


  1. some thoughts:

    - haven't played GTA:SA in months
    - niece and nephew may have come from watching 28 Weeks Later the other day
    - muscle car = all the Fast & Furious talk i've been having recently
    - haven't hung out with Dan in a while
    - "Gwen" and i have started catching up on the phone again. she lives in the eastern US now
    - woods reminded me of the woods in Children of Men, but haven't watched that movie in months either
    - my current "relationship status" makes sense with that dragon/damsel metaphor


  2. the dragon in our dreams is generally a positive symbol. It may represent a period of time when the dreamer will confront his fears and empower himself to effectively cope with negative emotions, extreme materialism, and be able to obtain greater inner and outer freedom.

    the cabin represents your heart.

    the bike represents you being set in motion to move on or break bonds with someone or with a familiar situation.

    the car... considering it was a muscle car, that represents you feeling a lack of control.

    the storm...you may be reminding yourself to be careful and safe. difficulties are dissolving, and a sudden, unexpected change is about to free you from oppression. You may have to find inner strength to forgive people who have wronged you. whoever tried to cling to you will let go when you stop thinking about him or her. when the air has cleared you will blossom by not dwelling on your own or on another's mistakes.

    the flashlight...higher deities are trying to make you see the light in a current predicament.

    that's what the book says. NO joke.