25 September 2010

still need to catch up

Picked up a WOD book at the Regionals. Need to transfer most of my results over into this.

Fight Gone Bad 5 was awesome. We went to the new Urban CrossFit (congrats Craig!) and competed amongst a bunch of folk (my team was Adam, Tony, Colin and John). We were 3 (hot damn) points away from winning 1st place. Boo.

3 rds of 1-min intervals for max total reps:
box jump, 20"
push press, 35kg
rower (cal)
wall ball, 20# to 10' target
sdhp, 35kg


SO much to catch up on.

17 September 2010


got my rent deposit back from my old place so i brought my girlfriend to the mall today and bought some jeans that fit (finally!), a belt, some navy Toms (i know, right?), and some other small things. grand total spent today: some $400. whaaaaa

anywho, i bought a pair of the Matix Gripper in black. this is the third or fourth time i've bought Matix and checked out their site. now i have a real appreciation for their brand:

MATIX Capital Collection from Matix on Vimeo.