11 April 2009

Hail Yees.

I want this now... Sorry Flip HD!

Nicole Diva would say that this colorway matches me.
In July, you'll be able to buy the DXG-125V, which shoots 720p video using H.264 compression along with 3 MP still pics, for less than a C-note. Not only is the slab-shaped model cheap (its official price is $99.99 but you'll probably be able to find it for around $90), it's also waterproof, which means it's perfect for shooting action on the ski slopes, beach and while yachting. It comes in red, military olive and winter camouflage, and all come with a lanyard with a compass attached and run on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You'll have to buy an SD card to start recording.
Boo, no image stabilization. Still, $100? Consider it bought.


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