06 October 2010

One of my favorite songs evar.

Been very familiar with the music from a very early age. First time seeing the video today... damn.

"No no no no no no ..."

How fucking awesome is this dude?!

25 September 2010

still need to catch up

Picked up a WOD book at the Regionals. Need to transfer most of my results over into this.

Fight Gone Bad 5 was awesome. We went to the new Urban CrossFit (congrats Craig!) and competed amongst a bunch of folk (my team was Adam, Tony, Colin and John). We were 3 (hot damn) points away from winning 1st place. Boo.

3 rds of 1-min intervals for max total reps:
box jump, 20"
push press, 35kg
rower (cal)
wall ball, 20# to 10' target
sdhp, 35kg


SO much to catch up on.

17 September 2010


got my rent deposit back from my old place so i brought my girlfriend to the mall today and bought some jeans that fit (finally!), a belt, some navy Toms (i know, right?), and some other small things. grand total spent today: some $400. whaaaaa

anywho, i bought a pair of the Matix Gripper in black. this is the third or fourth time i've bought Matix and checked out their site. now i have a real appreciation for their brand:

MATIX Capital Collection from Matix on Vimeo.

22 August 2010

bits & pieces

i need to do something for this.


also bought a bike this week. here are the accessories i've purchased so far:

I already have a black Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag (M), two Ogio Ionik backpacks, a brown pinstripe Ogio Hip Hop Messenger Bag, as well as an old school, rare, no print Kozmo.com Chrome Messenger. I need a better tool (I've got a lame-O Schwin), a pump, some fenders, and some better tires for when it rains.

This also makes me want to get another rain shell. One that's BRIGHT

04 August 2010

Karma Karma Karma Karma

Today I gave a homeless man on the corner of Denny and Eastlake my Jimmy John's Unwich #11 and then was blessed with a thank you card from my business partner

and a cash bonus!


19 April 2010

Week 6

Monday 19APR2010

1030 @ Urban CF

BS 60 80 100 121
B 60 70 80 90
PC 40 60 70 80 85

Still playing the more narrow stance. Used a 4-minute rest today in between sets. Utilized the belt for the last set.

Bench press was wobbly, but doable. Still working on timing.

Started to jump back- need to jump up instead. Faster elbows and louder feet as well.

I was hoping to be up to 170# by this week (currently at 152#), but the eating part is hard for me. I haven't planned out my meals that well and it's been costing me a bunch. I really need to get a mini-fridge in the gym asap.

Week 5

Wednesday 14APR2010
1030 @ Urban CF

BS 60 85 95 119
P 20 30 40 53-54-54
DL 60 100 120 140 150

Craig made me narrow my stance for the backsquat. I let my hip go a couple of times, but at least I grasp the concept.

The nerves in my arms still fire off if I'm not careful of controlling the path of my elbows.

Failed 5th rep twice before using a belt. The bar should be held closer during these maximal efforts.

1200 @ Foundation CF

sled drags (15kg tire + 20kg bumper) uphill and back 3x
500m row 1:42 - Started off feeling strong as hell, then about 60 seconds in the conditioning got to me.
max standing box jump - 52"

12 April 2010

1130 @ Foundation CF

BS 60 85 95 117
B 60 70 80 89
hip ext 3x12 @ 50#
pullups @ 17kg (16kg kb + 1kg plate): 7 - 6 - 6

"They call me Jay Electronica. Fuck that ..."

This shirt is dope.


A bunch

Fri 19MAR2010

BS 20 60 80 97
B 20 60 80 84
max pullups x3: 15 @ 7.5kg, 8 , 7 @ 10kg
hip ext 3 x 12 @ 30#

Mon 22MAR2010

BS 20 40 90 98
P 20 30 40 47. Elbows need to stay in, otherwise I get some weird nerve twinge in the eccentric.
DL 60 80 100 120 140. MY BACK!

Wed 24MAR2010


BS 20 40 60 80 101
B 20 60 80 85
max pullups x3: 8, 9, 6 w/ 30# weight vest
hip ext 3 x 12 @ 35#


"Death By Pullups"


Fri 26MAR2010

BS 20 60 80 90 103. Squat was easy wearing Brady's Karhu's.
P 20 30 40 48. Focusing on elbows' movement mad it feel slow, but smooth.
PC 40 60 80 82. Janky. I'm not releasing the hook grip enough, so my rack position is ugly. Still need the intensity to land quicker and harder.

Mon 29MAR2010 @ Urban CF

BS 20 60 80 92 105
B 20 60 80 86
hip ext 3x12 @ 40#
pullups @ 16kg kb: 7-6-5

Used a 3 min rest in between worksets. Hip ext terrible as per usual.

Wed 31MAR2010

BS 20 60 80 95 107
P 20 30 40 49
DL 60 100 120 140 145

3 min rests. Lost balance in last squat set. Need to set my chest better before squatting. Still have some nerve pinch in press. I can also keep the bar closer in my deadlift. Lockout can improve as well.

Fri 02APR2010 @ Foundation CF

BS 20 60 85 95 109
B 20 60 80 87
PC 20 40 60 80 83

Finally got my Adidias lifting shoes! Lost my balance in my 2nd squat set. Didn't send my hips back enough. I missed my 5th rep on my second bench set. Last set felt the best, but I don't feel completely solid with the bench yet. Power cleans were shit until my last set where I was aggressive as hell.

Mon 05APR2010 @ Foundation CF

BS 20 60 85 95 111
P 20 30 40 50
hip ext 3x12 @ 45#

Squats didn't feel solid. Need to reach back.

Wed 07APR2010 @ Foundation CF

BS 60 85 95 113
B 60 70 80 88
DL 60 100 120 140 147

Still need to reach back further on the squats. This felt heavier and I attribute that to not eating properly. Shaky during second set of bench. Grip gets lost in DL.

Fri 09APR2010 @ Foundation CF

BS 20 60 85 95 115
P 20 30 40 50-51-52. Felt too easy so I moved up each working set.
PC 40 60 80 84


First off, Han Solo encased in carbonite soap? Yes please.

I was never really a big fan of the original TRON, but the sequel coming up is peaking my interest. This is good news seeing as I haven't been geeked for too many movies. The 2009 ComiCon trailer was great:

And the newer trailer is pretty awesome too.

Clu/Flynn and crew look badass

Sucks that it comes out in December. I want to see this in IMAX with the Daft Punk soundtrack pumping loud shit. They're filming parts of the movie in near IMAX presentation (meaning big-as-fuck picture).

Check out this dope fan-made trailer for the original TRON:

Also read this article about the TRON aesthetic.

28 March 2010


Greatest Heavyweight punchers via RossTraining.

I've always respected boxing and this is why.

18 March 2010

"You failed to maintain your weapon, sir."

Michael Cain in something similar to Death Wish?!


17 March 2010


It's my 2nd work set back and I already couldn't make it to Craig's because we were expecting our equipment shipment from Rogue. Where the fuck are my boots?!

1330 @ FCF

back squat 5-5-5


2015 @ FCF

"Adam's Birthday WOD"
for time:
2 muscle-ups
9 handstand pushups
29 deadlifts, 80kg
29 box jumps, 30"
29 weighted k2e, 14#
2 muscle-ups
9 handstand pushups


STRICT BABY. But I missed a bunch of k2e. Time for a Guiness?

BS 20 30 75 85 100


Adam's birthday WOD

for time:
2 muscle-ups
9 hspu
29 deadlifts, 80kg
29 box jumps, 30"
29 k2e, 14#
2 muscle-ups
9 hspu


Weighted k2e are a bitch. My standing vert = 9'2" in three attempts.

15 March 2010

Restarting Strength. Again.

The plan is to try to workout at Urban CrossFit with Craig coaching me every MWF @ 1030

Day 1

Weight = 140lbs.

BS 60 80 85 90 95. Need to stop my decent earlier. Doing more of an ass-to-grass squat.

P 20 40 44 46. Let it drop too much. I'll get a better rebound if I control it

PC 20 40 60 70 80. Need to get aggressive and stomp.

14 March 2010

Starting Strength Seminar

This weekend was Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Seminar at CrossFit Eastside (aka Eastside Strength & Conditioning)

What an amazing weekend. Not only was I taught why we lift that way, but I was also shown and had to teach it to others. Very intimate work groups allowed for a better experience. I highly recommend this "cert" to those interested in getting stronger.

Worked up to 3 sets of 5RMs for the back squat, press, deadlift, bench press and power clean.

11 March 2010

1645 w/ Brady


3 rds for time:
30 double unders
20 db squat cleans, 50#
10 pullups


I subbed 35# for the first round, 45# for the second and third.

10 March 2010

mainsite WOD


5 rds for time:
1 L-sit rope climb
5 handstand pushups
10 OH pistols, 20kg


I hate our climbing rope. It gives too much and is too slippery. Maybe we should buy a manila rope now.

09 March 2010

21-15-9 reps for time:
OHS, 40kg
pullup (c2b)


Didn't use a rack and would've went faster had I not missed some pullups. Workout was with Mikey and Adam

05 March 2010

mainsite WOD

for time:
5 muscle-ups
15 back squat, 40kg
10 muscle-ups
30 back squat, 40kg
15 muscle-ups
45 back squat, 40kg
10 muscle-ups
30back squat, 40kg
5 muscle-ups
15 back squat, 40kg


25 February 2010



24 February 2010

back squat 20 60 80 100 105
freestanding hspu 3
hamstring sled drags 35kg

22 February 2010


back squat 100kg
press 48kg
max back ext 21-20-21

75 double unders in a row!


for time:
100 double unders
50 db power snatch, 45#
100 double unders


16 February 2010

for time:
2k row

7:56 (1:59/500m)

press 5-5-5 47kg

12 February 2010

backsquat 20 60 100x5 100x10
deadlift 60 x5

practiced some inverted hangs with controlled lowers

10 February 2010

OHS 20 40 50 60 65x5
C&J 50x2, x4

for time:
30 muscle-ups


03 February 2010

so i have some extreme chest soreness

mixed double tabata:
back extensions

5, 6

Did it with PJ

28 January 2010





Extra credit: 40 pullups in 60 seconds. 20 burpees.

27 January 2010

January 2010

Our monthly affiliate WOD, courtesy of Tom, SnoRidge CrossFit

"Penalty Box"
box jumps, 24"
OHS, 35kg


Every minute on the minute do 10 box jumps. After completing them do as many overhead squats as possible. Continue pattern until 100 ohs are done.

I missed 4 rds of squats because the box jumps RUIN your fucking legs. Oh damn.

25 January 2010

"Breathing sucks"

CrossFit.com WOD

5 rds for time:
500m row
7 thrusters, 135# (scaled down to 40kg)


Workout with Brady. He did it rx'ed. I should've.

22 January 2010

So I was right!

and I was a bit sick after that. Exhaustion maybe? I'm at the gym from 5:45am to about 9pm multiple times during the week. No refrigerator either. I forget to eat too many times.

5 rds for time:
400m run
30 box jumps, 24"
30 wall ball shots, 20#



Rest: 5 hours


0830 Beef Primal Pac 55g
0900 Caffe Vita - 12oz drip
1345 Beef Primal Pac 55g

1200 @ FoundationCF

5 rds for time:
400m run
30 box jumps, 24"
30 wall ball shots, 20lbs

First workout since 01/11. No walking during the run, except for a complete stop in the beginning of my 3rd 400m. Lungs were burning. Box jumps weren't cycled as well as I know I can, but I definitely have to take it slow to build it back. Satisfied with my performance on the wall ball. It's my GOAT and Margaret made sure to bark at me when I took too long of a rest. Chad bit on our heels too! Good stuff.

Why did I do this one to come back?! Ah well, I remember back in High School how my S&C coach (and mentor) Mr. Freeman wrote in one of my strength workout logs for cheer "COMMITMENT?" every time I didn't write in my book. I need someone to do that as well.

It sucks because I find myself making excuses and no one here pushes me or holds me accountable. Maybe because I'm in charge? Still, I'm human and I make mistakes all the fucking time. Kick my ass someone!

My short term goals:

  • By April 1st, I want to be working out two days on, one day off. That should bring my S&C up quick.
  • 5 muscle-ups a day
  • 60 sec upside down
  • 60 sec isometric holds (L-sit, planche, iron cross progressions, levers, etc.)
I just want to get back to where I was at FCF 1.0.


I'm actually REALLY excited to see this. I've been a big fan of Banksy for a while, but always thought that he would prefer to stay off the grid. I don't think they'll show much of him, but we'll see his crew.

Hope it plays here in Seattle. Banksy representing the least popular element of hip hop: graf!

11 January 2010

Monday blues

5 rds for max reps:
front squats, .75BW (~48kg)


Round breakdown:

  1. 20/20
  2. 21/23
  3. 17/14
  4. 15/14
  5. 15/14
Felt "sickly" and a little nauseous. The back of my throat felt coated with phlegm. Feels like I was making some excuses to not push so hard. Am I justified?

"Winning is a habit. Unfortunately so is quitting."

Real talk

Mikey is on social/relationship/men vs. women.

I see it as WA state personalities vs. CA state personalities.


- via iPhone

09 January 2010

Pet peeved

Pet peeves I've seen in the past 24 hours:

1. Non-Rain-X'ed windows
2. Using flash 20'+ away in a club, in the dark
3. Clothes covered in dog hair

- via iPhone

05 January 2010


1900 @ Foundation CF

For time:
150 double unders


Boo. Thought I'd move faster but around 100 I lost competence in multiples.


1100 3 eggs scrambled in butter

1400 1/2lbs oven roastd turkey, large Braeburn apple, 12oz coffee

2030 Old Village Korean BBQ: galbi (bone-in)

- via iPhone