21 April 2009

Day 2

Weight: 133.8 lbs

Sleep: 6.5 hours.


0800: 4 eggs + 2 tbsp olive oil + 2 oz cheddar cheese

0900: a pint of milk

1200: 8tbsp of peanut butter

1500: half of a large orange

2030: an obscene amount of strawberries

2100: two 4oz chicken breasts + 3tbsp olive oil + 2 cups tomato basil marinara

2200: a bunch more strawberries, 1 pint milk

Safeway is selling some mutated humungo strawberries that are ever so sweet. Someone dropped crack in the field mine were from.

Hulk crackberry on the left, my big head in the middle, a normal-sized strawberry on the right.

WOD: rest!

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