11 April 2009


Ran a workout yesterday and demonstrated a couple of things, but my biceps are SORE from all those pullups. Damn I'm weak right now.

Good news that I'm up to 130 lbs now- although I'm sure it's the high carbohydrate intake I've adopted the past two weeks. This coming Monday will be the start of Operation: Healthy Andrew. Six weeks of strength training to regain my CrossFit-ness, get my body back to where I like it, and a healthy weight.

The gym should be open, I should be back into my own place, and I should be focused once again with life!

Ooh the excitement..

1 comment:

  1. Exciting.. dude, this is the ump-teenth time you needed to get back into shape. haha. jk man, ill get off your back. i can't wait for the gym tho! im gonna have someone cover my shift saturday so i help move in. holler.