22 August 2010

bits & pieces

i need to do something for this.


also bought a bike this week. here are the accessories i've purchased so far:

I already have a black Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag (M), two Ogio Ionik backpacks, a brown pinstripe Ogio Hip Hop Messenger Bag, as well as an old school, rare, no print Kozmo.com Chrome Messenger. I need a better tool (I've got a lame-O Schwin), a pump, some fenders, and some better tires for when it rains.

This also makes me want to get another rain shell. One that's BRIGHT

04 August 2010

Karma Karma Karma Karma

Today I gave a homeless man on the corner of Denny and Eastlake my Jimmy John's Unwich #11 and then was blessed with a thank you card from my business partner

and a cash bonus!