22 April 2009

Review: PCC Beef Jerky

As many of you know, my nutrition is based on the Paleo diet and one of the best snacks to have is jerky. The problem is that most commercial stuff contains so many extra shit and preservatives that the health benefit is muted. Because of this I'm going to attempt to find the best jerky around.


PCC Beef Jerky - Original

Where to buy: PCC Natural Markets
Cost: $5.99 for 4oz
Nutrition facts:
serving size 1oz
servings per container: 4
cal 90
total fat 1.5g
sodium 380mg
total CHO 7g, sugar 7g
protein 11g
Ingredients: beef, sugar, water, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, salt, flavorings (wtf?), paprika, natural smoke flavor, citric acid

Tastes good, a nice balance of sweet and salty and some pieces aren't too chewy- just like I like it. It's moist and has a bit of sauce of left on some pieces, which I love. Says it's best if consumed within 3 days, which is good because then there isn't really any preservatives (some food products advertise no preservatives but can last for weeks on end). Made somewhere in Idaho.

Me likes! And now I need some more macadamia nuts!

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