01 April 2009

Project: Andrew 2009

Seeing as it's the first day of the month, it'd be a good time to start something new (and it's not a joke).

Because of my recent HUGE drop in weight (I'm 15 lbs under my normal weight), I'm going to start recording my health status daily ala Craig (Urban CrossFit):

BW = Bodyweight (in the morning, with the least amount of clothing on)

Sleep = Hours of sleep

Nutrition = When and What I've eaten during the day. I'm attempting to get back to Paleo, starting at 3 days/wk strict and build up as we enter summer. I'm going to live life and enjoy what I want to enjoy- but hopefully just on the weekends.

WOD = Workout of the Day, if any. I'll also leave notes as to how I felt, previous performances and other details.

My goal is to hit my weight, look healthy and most importantly, FEEL healthy and happy. Here we go...

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