30 October 2008


No one showed up for the early class yesterday and instead all piled into the 7pm class. I was planning to workout if there were only a handful, but since there were so many people I couldn't. After putting them through a workout, I usually like doing a "finisher" to really drain their bodies of energy and last night I chose the one-minute jump squats finisher. After all eight of my clients did it, they challenged me to beat the gym's record of 57 (which was mine).

as many reps as possible in 60 seconds:
squat jumps, 45lbs

61 (new PR)

I did the warmup (10 reps each of the Filthy Fifties) an hour earlier, but was freezing and not really ready to tackle this challenge. Oh well, looks like I'm improving.

See the workout results here.

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