03 October 2008

SW Gear

I'm not much of a gear head, but I love seeing extremely dope things.

For those that don't know me, I'm a huge STAR WARS geek. I love it. The Original Trilogy holds a special place in my heart and mean a lot to me. I'm sure I'll make some STAR WARS-related posts in the future. In the meantime...

Hypebeast posted a Nike SB will be releasing a "Boba Fett" dunk high with their 2008 October Collection. The colorway is spot-on and looks damn cool. I HAVE to find these. This would be the perfect compliment to Marc Ecko's limited edition Boba Fett Hoodie that was released last year:

Speaking of which, Ecko just released another collectable hoodie, this time for the Stormtroopers:

I would totally rock that for Halloween. I'd be a Stormtrooper if I could find the right costume.

Also, these shirts are still being sold overseas. Damn I need a job.


  1. yo dru! didn't know u were a big sw fan! i'm a big fan myself and was plannin on pickin up the boba fett sb's released friday at goods! let me know whats up!


  2. oh yea dude.. i've been into SW forever

    i actually have some designs for some STAR WARS-based tattoos.. i just need the funds