07 October 2008

Heroes s03e04 review

This week's episode "I Am Become Death" was a decently good. Then again, it's the only episode I've watched in full. I still haven't watched the entire 2-hour season premiere, nor the first half of the second and third episodes. Season 3 is definitely already better than Season 2- it's moving much faster with a better sense of purpose. I don't know if they have a proper story. It seems as if they're re-hashing S1's storyline, although different players are involved.*

I'ma do like AICN and do a bullet-point review (SPOILERS! BEWARE!):
  • Peter takes Peter four years into the future where Future Peter explains that anyone can have powers. Folk in business suits on the street are seen flying. Future Peter also shows our Peter a newspaper headline of a powered person causing an massive earthquake disaster. Folk in the future aren't as responsible as present Peter thinks
  • Future Peter shows our Peter some graf on a building and tells him that to save them from this future that our Pete needs Sylar's power. Suddenly Future P is shot dead by Future Claire (with power-blocking Haitian in hand). Since Peter is Rocky's son, he using his agility to jog away and dodge bullets! Looks like the Haitian, Claire, Knox and Daphne are all in league now as they stand over a dead Future Peter. Present Peter runs to Isaac's Mohinder's pad to find Sylar. Mohinder's all fucked up, explaining his formula was wrong and it's left him all emo and mutated. He doesn't want to tell Peter where he is, but alas! Peter has the mind-reading ability and hears Mohinder say "Costa Verde" in his head. Peter transports. In another piece of bad writing we see that Daphne is Matt's wife and Molly's new mommy.
  • Hey! It's the Bennet house- but wait for it! It now belongs to a Daddy Sylar?! Peter is greeting by a youngster named Noah. He runs to his dad who is making pancakes or waffles or something delicious. A confused Peter talks with Sylar in the other room. Sylar, now wanting to be called Gabriel, says that he understands that his power will always have "the hunger" and it'll make Peter a killer. He also reveals that they are brothers. The only thing stopping Sylar is his son (and maybe a wife we haven't seen?). Pete says he wants it (pause) and Gabe says all he has to do is fix his watch to understand his power of 'intuitive aptitude' Anywho, Claire's squad shows up and a fight ensues. Peter knocks Claire on her ass and then he and Daphne fight. Knox threatens Gabriel, but Gabriel doesn't fear. Knox uses Noah's fear and uses throws Gabriel to harm his child. As Noah's lifeless body sits in Gabriel's lap he becomes unstable (see: Radioactive Peter via S1) and blows up.
  • President Nathan Patrelli and first lady Tracy (forreal?) announce the tragedy of Costa Verde. Our Peter wakes up in the same room as the dead Future Peter with Claire and the Haitian. Future Claire is very angry and Matrix-esque starts cutting Peter with a scalpel before being stopped by her pops the president. Nathan makes everyone leave and he starts loosening up Peter's constraints. He starts talking to his younger bro when Peter interrupts and, in a very Sylar-like fashion, states how Nathan thinks and works. The hunger is now in Peter. Peter slams his brother into the wall and starts cutting his older brother's head. Before the ritual is completed, Peter realizes what he's doing and stops but it's too late- his brother is dead. Pete teleports back to Sylar's room at Level 5 present day and Sylar can tell Peter he has the hunger.
  • Ando and Hiro are also being held by the company. After some bonding and an attempt to escape, the Haitian brings the two before Mama Petrelli. She explains that the two formulas put together can give anyone powers (smell the connection?). The new boss of the Company also says that Hiro can right this wrong by bringing someone back.
  • That someone is Takezo Kensei aka Adam Monroe. OHSHITSON!
Next week's episode will be entitled "Angels and Monsters" and deals with Claire wanting to fight villains, one being a new character who apparently can cast black holes. I want Elle back in the episodes! Mmm.

You can watch this episode or any of the past episodes of this season by clicking here!

*Both Peter and Matt see the future and it's apocalypse (Isaac and Hiro from S1). Nathan is president, Tracy/Niki his lover (S1). There are more parallels, but they're escaping me right now.

The brothers Petrelli + Sylar/Gabriel feels like a cop-out

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