08 October 2008


Today's official CrossFit WOD was a new 'Hero' workout. It's never a good thing to see these because they're made in honor of a fallen (military, LEO, firefighter) CrossFitter. Rest in peace Ryan.

5 rds for time:
7 muscle-ups
21 burpees


As usual with new workouts (and especially WODs containing muscle-ups) I came out of the gate way too quickly. My first set of muscle-ups were completely unbroken and each one came down to full extension false-grip. The remainder of my muscle ups completed that full ROM, but I had broken the 7 into smaller sets of 2-3. I forgot how much I make my clients do burpees and how much I don't. I need to get back into the game. I'll see the workout again.


If you haven't heard, Chris Ebert- a dear friend and former coach of mine, passed away this last weekend. I'll have a post about him and how he affected my life soon. I also have a workout created in his honor. Check Foundation CrossFit for details.

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