20 October 2008


Valediction - an expression used to say farewell (goodbye), especially at the end of a letter. The word comes from the Latin valedicere, meaning "to say goodbye".

The word valediction is often used loosely in English to refer to a complimentary closing, which is a courteous formula used to end a letter. This is normally a formulaic phrase preceding the writer's signature that expresses the writer's loyalty or best wishes to the recipient.

With that definition in mind, check out this track and its lyrics.

The Foreign Exchange - Valediction

No need to remove your coat
No need to take off your shoes
Usually you could stay but not today, not today

This place is no longer yours
and I left your things right by the door
Please don't be that way, not today, not today no

Our love is such a rush
but inside it's slowly killing me
Nothing for me to say but not today, not today no

So we must say goodbyes
to all of the pain and the lies
Nothing's been more true than these words to you

I've been changed and rearranged and
it's not like it was before
And when the sun shines I'll show her why
she can't keep me anymore

She loves me
She loves me
She loves me
She loves me ...


Expect my full review of The Foreign Exchange's latest release, Leave It All Behind, sometime this week.

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  1. valediction... I like that. I'm gonna put that one in my back pocket for later :)