20 October 2008


'Focus' is the new word. 'New' is the goal. I've got this motivation and I better be using it to my advantage while I can.


biked to the gym (1.2 mile route w/ hills) to and fro

amrap in 20 min:
5 thrusters, 95lbs
7 hang power cleans, 95lbs
10 sdlhp, 95lbs

8 rds

then 30 minutes later...

amrap in 20 min:
5 thrusters, 45lbs
7 hang power cleans, 45lbs
10 sdlhp, 45lbs

16 rds

About half the weight, double the rounds. I repeated the workout because Tony said he wanted someone else to workout with him and surprisingly no one else showed up for the 7pm class. This was a hard workout as I usually cherry-pick WODS that I'm good at (gymnastics-based). Technique felt awesome- I just need to do it more under pressure. Tony and I spoke afterward about how we need outside influence to work hard... the intensity you bring directly correlates with how uncomfortable you feel with others watching you (especially people you don't know well). Here's hoping that I stay persistent with working out more often.

After Saturday's RAINSTORM, we all headed over to Emerald City Smoothie to hang out and get some refreshment. A question that's been popping up all over the place lately is "How often do you workout?" I feel bad answering it because I know I'm in good shape, if not great, but I tell them the truth. "Usually once to three times a week, if that." And it's true. I'm young, athletic and have a fast metabolism. I'm enjoying life as I can right now, but it sucks that I'm in the position as a Health & Fitness profession and I don't practice what I preach. This is the number one reason I'm planning to turn 2009 into the one I've been telling people about (post coming soon).

Like I stated earlier- I have some fire under my ass now, as well as some great* motivation to stay focused working on #1 right now.

*I'm lying. It sucks. But you probably already know what's up.

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