01 October 2008

My first emo post!

Quarter-life crisis? Why I'm having such a hard time right now (in no particular order):
  1. Didn't get the job I was hoping for, so I'm still on the hunt. Hah- who needs an income? [/sarcasm]
  2. Need to move out by the end of October, but my options are slim. If I don't move in I'll have to sign a year-lease and I'm not trying to live here for that long with these people (minus Dan)
  3. Nutrition is crap- since I decided to be completely CrossFit & paleo for 2009 I told myself I can do what I want, eat what I want, etc. I ate something bad the other day and now I'm cramping in my stomach. Lately I've been forgetting to eat (now I understand) and trying to catch up randomly. Not good.
  4. Sleep = no sleep, or sleep when I don't want to (see: Daytime)
  5. Financial doo doo. Referring to the first thing, I owe too many people money right now.
  6. Friendships and relationships (Enough said.)
  7. Being 23 and being in that phase where I'm figuring out the person I really am.
  8. Transportation. My car was totalled earlier this summer and now I'm borrowing my sister's car when she lets me. I need something reliable or need to live somewhere close to where I need to be.
  9. Time management. I teaching myself to become more punctual, but let's see how that's working (It's not.)
  10. The fact that I'm not motivated right now.
I could go on, but won't. What do I need? Is that what I really need or is it what I want?

I need a rock.

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