22 October 2008


Today was one of my clients birthdays. Happy 30th you old man. He came up with this workout so that we could compete with his home CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Huntington Beach.

as far as you can get in 30 min:
30 box jumps, 24"
40 kb swings, 24kg
50 pullups
60 wall ball, 22lbs
70 lunges
80 v-ups
90 sec active hang
100 burpees

I went up to 69 burpees

I realized I didn't eat again around 4:45pm and ordered Pizza Ragazzi (half Mostly Meat, half Great White Slice) and ate half of it. Then I rode the bike to the gym and ran the 6pm class. The wall ball sucked because I had just rebuilt it from its original 16lbs size to an accidental 22lbs (I was shooting for 20) and didn't realize it was off-balance. I rested too much during the workout. I almost puked at the beginning of the burpees. After chatting with the dudes, I had to ride back... and, of course, it sucked. My legs are shaking uncontrollably right now (I see you Sammee!) I want to be better at focusing my energy, but I looks like I'm still being held down mentally.

Whatever. Time to drink this off and celebrate homie's birth.


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