01 October 2008

Tune of the Week

The Foreign Exchange - Daykeeper (feat. Muhsinah) [free download here]

Those who loved the hip hop/R&B/electronica of FE's last album Connected will surely be dissapointed as Phonte and Nicolay have taken their new LP Leave It All Behind to an soul/jazz/downtempo level. I hear that Phonte raps three verses on the entire album which only features include Darien Brockington, Musinah and Yahzarah- all singers (Zo! along did some keyboard work). Phonte is an underappreciated talent, both as a lyricist and a vocalist. If you're not familiar, check out any Little Brother album and Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80's

"Daykeeper" starts with some eerie, drawn-out hollow notes, followed by a little vocal soundbite. Nicolay's keyboard (folk guitar, anyone?) kicks in playing the riff that, along with the drum pattern, make the skeleton of the song. Tay begins telling us about his lover and how she 'watches over him' as the sun rises. The layered ooh's and ahh's add somber, relaxed emotion to the track, when along comes the lovely Musinah reinforcing that she does, in fact, look upon her man. This is a tale of the perfect "morning after", where you and your lover are so into each other that neither of you want to leave that moment, just watching each other eye-to-eye, laying in peace.

As soon as it hits the 3:00 minute mark, the drums change up and the piano hits some stronger chords. Musinah breaks it down, confessing her feelings asking Tay to stay, hoping that the morning (and moment) will stay as well. She says she'll "love and protect" him as long as he remains, but Phonte knows that something this perfect can't last forever.

Leave It All Behind will see a digital release on October 7th, 2008- a week before the physical double-cd (album and instrumentals) is released on October 14th, 2008.

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