30 October 2008

Transitional Joint

Didn't really hear what Elzhi was trying to say in that track. Now I def do.

I stayed over at Sam's last night because we went out to Fusion. I had too much to drink and I drove so she had to drive us back (bad idea). Mel drove behind us for support- not to mention if we crashed and burn he'd be able to call 911 for us. Nice having a car back regardless- Kristina got a 2005 VW Jetta the other day.. it's nice!

After waking up from passing out (I've been doing that a lot recently) I headed up to Shoreline to hit up the bank to deposit some stuff for the gym as well as stopping by Costco to grab some bottled water. I also checked up on a king-sized mattress-topper because I'm going to get a king-sized bed (FINALLY). That Costco is rennovating the cafe area and they pushed it back to include more seating. Looks cleaner. Stopped by a dollar store to pick up some poster board and other supplies for a project at the gym.

Came home and shot the shit with Dan and Gabriel. Watched a Left 4 Dead demo and geeked out about playing that (even though we're not done with Dead Space or Fallout 3). Nicole Diva called me up and we were going to hang out.

One thing I've wanted to do in Seattle ever since I moved out here was to get a Seattle Public Library card. I always put it off though. Thanks Nicole for finally making me do it! Picked up two books already @ the Northgate branch since I live within walking distance. Too bad that library is small. Gotta hit up the big time branch downtown so I can get everything I want. They have a ridiculous 100-item limit. Damn.

After the library we hit up Narnes & Boble and we caught up on life while sipping on a tall soy chai. Mmmm. I took her downtown so she could catch a ferry back home to Bremerton. Kris was there. It was nice seeing the future Mrs. Benko and her pretty ring. Their ferry was delayed, but I had to head back up north for tonight's CrossFit class.

I can't wait until winter. First time I've ever said/meant that.

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