13 October 2008

Dear K. Alexis,

Thanks and I'm excited to see whatever it is! I'll definitely have to return the favor.

I try to post up as much as possible. You know, flood the blog so that only those few who really want to know stuff will catch it. The job thing is cool, I actually am setting up a "Plan B" for myself and am really excited to put that plan into action. Thanks for the condolences!

I still don't really know what's going on with my living situation right now. I guess I'm just playing it by ear for now. For whatever reason I don't see it should be a main concern. Life eventually balances out, yeah? I'll definitely be in Seattle by the time you make it back up. That whole moving thing is still a fetal dream/option.

Right now I'm enjoying the sound of the heavy rain outside my window. I don't have any music playing, but I don't know if I'd rather listen to one or both. I'm leaning towards the rain because I've missed it.

Musically I've been listening to new albulums by The Foreign Exchange, Jake One, John Legend and this dude named Miguel. All but Jake One are R&B/Soul. I'll have reviews of each one sooner than later (hopefully).. Dan just started his own blog. Check it out- we're just essentially just splitting up Runaway Pancake into two separate blogs.

When you get here we definitely have to have dinner at that jazz joint near the docks! Hope OK is treating you wonderfully!


Andrew R. Bueno

I really enjoyed the second to last paragraph in your most recent post.

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  1. you got a blog post response. it seemed appropriate.