30 January 2009


Update time!
  • Nomadic intervals
  • Plenty of interviews and call backs. Needs to be a good steady one.
  • H&F/CrossFit/business networking = fantastically amazing
  • Social networking = not so much
  • End business/Start business
  • Need new phone
  • Want to buy new shoes and clothes, but no means
  • Found a tailor. should go see him sooner than later
  • I would like to start my shoulder tattoo by summer's end.
  • After means increase I should do things in this order (smart but unlikely):
  1. pay off debts
  2. save for down payment
  3. find a new 1 bedroom apartment/studio
  4. new computer (imac and/or acer mini-laptop)
  5. invest in a dslr, probably the Nikon D60 I've been eyeing- ISEEYOUTITA!
  6. save for a new bicycle and/or car (depends on location of new place)
Let's see how I do...

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