11 January 2009

WOD 10JAN09, 11JAN09


Warm-up: 2 rds through
  • butterfly situps
  • pushups
  • ohs w/ pvc
  • pullups
Hang Power Cleans



Slowly worked up to the starting weight and kept going from there. Used the hook grip- very uncomfortable, but helped tremendously in making sure I could hold the bar long enough to get it on my shoulders in rack position. Jesse was coaching and telling me to go heavier as I worked with Tony. Mind-fucked myself with the big weight because this was the first time maxing out singles with olympic lifts. Oh well, it's a great start.


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders
ab-mat situps


I reached my upload limit on vimeo, so I'll post the video as soon as I'm allowed to. This was exactly 2 minutes better than my previous personal record.

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