01 January 2009


Fresh beginnings- a new cycle of exercise starts now!

5 rds for time:
12 ohs, 95lbs
21 box jumps, 20"


I finished out with 'as many reps as possible in 60 seconds: seated pike press'. My score was 39 (PR). I could've pressed more had I rested a little longer after the WOD. Oh well, at least the ball is rolling now!

I almost gave up mentally while warming up. Since I was the only one in the gym I almost decided to NOT work, but cursed myself and then went straight into the WOD after 15 squats, situps, back ext and dips on the parallettes.

Post-WOD Nutrition:
Usana Protein chocolate shake (30 min after last lift)

I'll be working out with Coach at CrossFit Seattle hopefully once every two weeks, and with Craig over at Urban CrossFit twice a week.

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