04 January 2009

Lupe Fiasco's side project?

So the internets are reporting that Lupe Fiasco has a side alternative/punk project called Japanese Cartoon. Sounds like him, but then again there was a post on their MySpace blog:

>>>> Amidst The Rebuild & Stun, Clarification.

Japanese Cartoon’s myspace page has been hacked.

Percival Fats (Born Percival Hindenburg-Fats) Is NOT Lupe Fiasco (Born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco). Although he is a dear friend.

Japanese Cartoon will reload songs onto the player as soon as we figure out how via the technical support fellows at Myspace.

Please DO NOT disseminate their music ILLEGALLY.

These guys have worked very hard and placed a large amount of energy and financial dedication into this project.

Lupe does finance the band but is NOT I REPEAT NOT THE SINGER IN JAPANESE CARTOON. He is however the producer and we value his participation very much.

We will not be taking any friend requests until this security matter is cleared up as we might not be able to keep this page.

-Percival Fats. Friend Of Millions, Foe Of Hacker Punks.

Click the links for more fuckery.

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