14 January 2009


Was Luke Skywalker's original name. He was a she if you have ever checked out Ralph McQuarrie's original Star Wars drawings.*

First off, StarWars.com release a "Best of 2008" list. Here are some highlights:
Kristina/Anyoneelsewhocanknit- PLEASE MAKE ME ONE! PLEEEEEASE! Free personal training for a week! The instructions are in the link.

For fans of the Steampunk culture, this artist makes custom figures, dioramas, props and sculptures of some geek cultures (Star Wars, Marvel, historical legends, etc.). The link above takes you to his Steam Wars: A NEW HOPE line, and there are links for the other two films from the original trilogy after you get there. I'm excited to see his prequel line. Dude's also got a great re-imagined SW line.
This TIE Fighter was made from 1 tall lid (check front), 10 coffee boxes, 12 sample cups, 37 grande cups, 63 drink sleevs, and 216 stirers. Automatic AB Stamp of Dopeness.

Lastly, I'll leave you with some Star Wars cuteness...


Check out that Best of 2008 link. Now.

*A random fact about myself: In my sophomore year of high school in Mr. Allbee's class, Brad, Jordy and myself created a Star Wars-themed National History Day project about the special effects the movies had created and how it affected the rest of cinematic SFX work. We went on to the State competition. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the work, but that was my favorite school project ever.

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