07 January 2009


Since reading Starting Strength [buy] I've wanted to include more strength workouts into my programming. Bench pressing was my agenda today, but it's very difficult when your bench is comprised of plyo boxes, rubber flooring and a mat. Instead John and I scrapped that idea and went old school old-world and did floor presses. Warmed up with the bar and slowly added weight doing 5 reps until I felt the workout had begun.

Floor Press 5-5-3-3-1-1

155 - 157 - 195 - 200x1 - 200 - 200x2

This was more difficult that I had imagined for two reasons: 1.) I don't bench often- only during "LYNNE" 2.) Floor press : Bench press :: Deadlift : Back squat. The beginning of the exercise starts in the concentric phase of the contraction so you get no benefit "bounce" during the lift. Shitty.

Anywho, I mind-failed my second set of 3 and then after focusing and concentrating on my last single, John told me to go again and I did. After a couple seconds (and loss of focus AGAIN) he told me to go for a third, but I laughed and dropped the weight. My mentality has got to change with the heavy lifts. Luckily I'm deadlifting @ Urban CrossFit tomorrow and will be starting a strength program with him next week starting with low-trap back squats!

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