27 February 2009

Last night's ABDC

America's Best Dance Crew: Quest Crew's Decathalon (11:17 - click the first "mark", also 34:21)

The challenge last night was a dance-move decathalon utilizing specific dance skills into the night's extended routine: Threading, Tutting, Krumping, Housing and Waving. The Beat Freaks won the most votes for last week's performance so they were moving onto the finals, meaning the last spot would be fought for between Quest Crew and Fly Khicks.

Quest Crew

Beat Freaks

Quest dropped a solid piece, performing all required material extremely well (except Krumping, because I'm privy to it) and took the championship, in my opinion. Beat Freaks (WHAT UP USANA!) had last week's competition, but there is no doubt in my mind Quest is capable of being a better dance crew. I mean, did you see that last performace? Someone shoved Steve midair while he did a back tuck. WTF.*

Season finale next Thursday @ 10pm on Mtv.

Quest on BakitWhy.com

* I was introduced to Steve Terada of Quest Crew waaaay back in high school when I got into tricking by way of the former version of bilang.com. He was one of the leaders of the movement and is still one of my tricking heroes.

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