09 February 2009


Headed over to Rainier CrossFit for what I originally heard was a "Helen" fundraiser/challenge, but turned out to be a big team WOD fundraiser. Everyone was broken into teams of four- my team, Level 4 Foundation, included Marc, Ann Marie and Derek (of CFS).

"Build a Dream" Team Workout:
in any order for time:
400m run as a group
20 bachar ladder climbs
200 situps
200 medicine ball throws, 20lbs
answering a trivia question about Mexico

After each task was completed your team would grab a corresponding bag. At the end of answering the trivia, you were allowed a hammer and three keys to open four bags with different padlocks. If the workout was just the workout we would've been done first (our order: ladder, situps, med ball, run, trivia), but one of locks gave us trouble for 6 minutes. We probably had the best looking birdhouse on the first attempt.

Our total team time was 28:41

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