02 March 2009

whoa there people.

I'm watching the Today show right now [specific segment below] and I'm getting the feeling that the journalist, and by extension the rest of America, are questioning if it's safe to raise chimpanzees as domestic pets*. This has become a popular subject because of the near-fatal attack that occured last month.

My question is this- why the frack does this matter? There was a bad apple in the (very odd) bunch, but accidents happen. Everyone wants it to be illegal to raise chimps as their own, but accidents happen with all pets. Dog attacks happen all the time, yet people include them in the family all the time and chimps are probably the smartest animals out there. If you check out that CNN article, you'll see that the attacking chimp was featured in numerous commercials, could water plants, watched tv, surfed the internet and fucking drank wine! That's more class than some parts of America (who experience way more crime, btw).

TO EACH THEIR OWN. Get on with life or at least find something else to worry about. I doubt any of your neighbors are raising chimps a there are bigger fish to fry.

* Why does this matter to me? I don't know, but I feel new sense of predjudice. Blah, smh.

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