23 November 2008

Ze Veekend

work @ Banya, Filthy Nice @ Baltic for Samantha and her Saved By the Bell! theme. Props to Micah for being AC Slater. Hi Cinderella! Obigatory hot dog stand visit, walk back to our cars, end the night at the ladies' house

woke up hella early, RAINSTORM @ Foundation CrossFit, help Marc move (OUR BAD! See next...), naps, work @ Banya, Crimson C and Corona, saw the Nelson twins, bounced and drove in Sam's packed car to Venom, another Corona, Filipino people, Rose Marie dancing!, meeting Dante Basco, Jack in the Box, Pizza Craver/Ranch Dorito's, crack water, Dexter

woke up hella late, "Lazy Sunday", Sammee's Mountain Dew/Sprite "adobo", QT.. tonight- DINNER!

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