13 November 2008



I had planned for the class to do a strength workout and learning the bent press, then everyone started complaining. I was going to put them through the "300" workout to show how much stronger REAL CrossFitters are, but they were still complaining. In honor of the Marines' 233rd birthday, Linda and I created a workout for them right then and there:

for time:
25 pullups
25 thrusters, 45lbs
25 duel kb sdlhp, 20kg
25 k2e
25 kb swings, 20kg
25 ohs, 45lbs
25 cal on the C2
25 ring dips
33 burpees


It was actually kinda easy. I had energy for afterward. Need to take more initiative and do more work when I know I can.

my sweat angel!

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