05 November 2008

Yes We Did.

photo courtesy CNN.com

Dammit Hyph. I swear to God that I came up with that blog title (even though that was easy). I was at the War Room for the Election Night Party and it was pretty dope. I went alone, not really expecting anyone to come out, but caught a whole bunch of people as time went on. A couple even said they came out because of me. Niiice. After feeding my ego, as well as my stomach (kinda- WHAT UP BARACKY ROAD!), I stood and watched the projection of MSNBC covering the results as they came up. If you noticed, I started and added a Twitter account and was updating and texting people like a madman. I also drank which wasn't a good idea since I didn't eat all day. Nor did I bring my camera with me. After the west (see: best) coast polls closed, we knew who was the next President-Elect and everyone was celebrating. I knew wearing my favorite blue boxer briefs would bring us luck! Eileen & her friends, Paperboy Productions dudes, Grynch, Amber & Aaron, Marc, PJ, Tita & her cousin Anna, Tiff, Sheena, Sharla, Mark and Kristina all came by and we watched as Obama came out for his speech:

Waaaaay too much fun. Kristina bought me a straight Red Bull Cola (review coming!) and I downed the shit out of that citrus-y draink. After his speech the DJs started KanYe's "Good Life" and it became a dance party. Good times singing and grooving with fellow supporters and drunkies. As soon as Tita uploads her pictures, I'll update this entry with more pictures. Someone ended up spilling beer on my white Obey 'Obama Progress' shirt so I had to put my jacket back on. Bad idea: I started sweating profusely. After everyone else bounced and Sharla, Tita and Mark jacked the last of the posters, we decided to all leave. BUT WAIT! A mob of folk were walking up Pike just outside of War Room heading towards Broadway. We all looked at each other in agreement and joined in. I ran back to get my camera and by then all of Seattle was celebrating:

Election 2008: Seattle Street Celebration from ABueno on Vimeo.

Everyone was exciting honking, beeping, yelling and congratulating one another. I was thinking that people might get rowdy and the SPD would have to come in and we all know the stories about them and crowds. "Herds have two speeds: graze and stampede." Whatever, I was out on the streets of Capitol Hill with the Obama breatheren partying:

And jumping for the hell of it:

Election 2008: Seattle Street Celebration - Jumping for Joy from ABueno on Vimeo.

And I met these characters:

GOTCHA AMBER! / Boobies for Obama!

If it wasn't for him, the chick above would've kept her shirt on. I haven't decided if that was a good idea or not.

Taboo from BEP. hahaha

I high-fived them and they hugged me

These guys kept offering me beer whenever I walked by

If you ever see this, TRADE ME PICTURES!

Dude was dope. He got the crowds roaring

Everyone was having a good time, and luckily no one was getting too crazy or out of hand. It became Vegas for a second when everyone bought beer and champagne and drank on the street, but most were doing it safely and without belligerence:

After separating from the rest of them to go around and take random pictures while meeting random people, I went to my car to see if it was free to leave because I had parked in an area where people were celebrating. I would've been within the police blockade. After waiting 10 minutes the blockade moved up, freeing my car and allowing me to leave. The party was still going strong and both Hyphen and Marc told me it was all over the local news. Big shouts to Randi and Drew repping for the Queen Anne Hill street party! I called up my mom and filled her in on my day. She reminded me of her magical ESP powers and how she envisioned Obama standing in front of the White House with his wife and girls behind him. She then realized I was talking on the phone while driving and promptly hung on my ass. She's happy though.

Obama becoming the first African American president was not only a gleam of light and hope for the USA, but for the world. We have proven again that we, as Americans, are progressing and moving boundaries forward. We show that although we have our differences and disagree on many things we stand as one. This is our first step into a bright new future for the next generation. Hopefully he becomes the world leader we know he is and inspires everyone across the globe. Hopefully we become the nation to prove that we support and develop these types of leaders.

Yes we can. Yes we can.


  1. wowww. didn't know seattle was hype like that.

  2. thanks for getting the word out about the election night party - last night was amazing! I'm sure I wouldn't have come out to cap hill if not for you! =D

  3. holy shit that girl had armpit hair. hahaha... that's super sexy.

    and wow if i weren't so sick i woulda be out there too. BUT i still stood in line for an hour to cast my vote.

    and we're only goin to 24hr fitness coz its super close to our apartment. lol, we'll come train with u sometime. :D

    are u still needing a banner for your gym tho? i got all the time in the world now. my last day at my 1st job is next week.