30 November 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

[started Thursday morning and typing as I get the chance]

  • really didn't want to wake up
  • breakfast @ Whole Foods
  • opened up at Banya when I wasn't scheduled, agreed with Carrlee to work the second half of the opening spa attendant shift
  • girl's place and nap
  • work
  • hangout fail.
  • gym
  • back to Bremerton w/ Sammee and Sheena
  • high school reunions at Applebee's
  • J&R's
  • Shari's and food and coffee anxiety attack
  • passedthefuckout
  • woke up, gave Bruce Lee a happy birthday wish, played football and went upstairs to find the food nearly ready
  • Kristina embarassed me about the facial hair, told me to shave
  • Finally shaved and went back upstairs to find everyone eating already
  • Ate one plate. Passed out
  • Woke up, Nicole Diva came over and we had a real talk
  • Watched the Bond Marathon on Sci-Fi with Tito Rey
  • Sam picked me up, drove back to Seattle and found traffic before the Tacoma bridge
  • Beer and chips and fireplace
  • Speed Racer!
  • Lazy Friday, woke up in the late afternoon!
  • pop tarts
  • lunch w/ Sammee, bank run
  • Northgate Mall, U-Village H&M, Northface, Urban Outfitters, downtown, RPS, Laced Up!, GOODS, 35th North
  • back to Northgate Mall. WTF we have a Lids?!
  • officially in love with the Vans Store
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, prefunk
  • War Room w/ Sammee and Mikey
  • Maharaja pit stop, QFC for beer, drank & eating in the car w/ a tit of real talk
  • Micah's birfday, WSU kiddos (WHAT IT IS YOSIS?!), Kim & Andrea, Lelani drunk as hail (as usual, but was kind enough to introduce me to her other bro bro), Tina, Jamie, Sistar and her friends.. ____ & ____ = ?!
  • obligatory hot dog stand visit. chatted up with some random peoples.. Hey Maricris! ahaha
  • Coca-Cola crackwater, Bond and finally sleep
  • laundry, clothes organization
  • a lot of contemplating
  • picked up Sheena from the ferry, the Westin for the Seattle Marathon
  • Sushiland for Anna's birthday celebration!
  • The Nutcracker for Anna's birthday celebration!
  • meatball sub @ Subway
  • breakfast = [yellow] eggs and ham
  • Seattle Marathon @ Seattle Center
  • bells!
  • early northwest morning double fisting = drip coffee & soy chai
  • Whole Foods
  • the finish line.
  • Fu-Lin for Miso Ramen + fried rice
  • NAP! (=
  • Village Sushi
  • Sammee's sinigang!
  • passed out during Hairspray
  • Britney: For the Record (Madonna doesn't look right)
Let's see what happens this week. Pacquiao forthewin. Expect me to write about it.

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