16 November 2008


from CrossFit Bellevue:

Jason Freiwald began his career at Seal Team Five and then transferred to Seal Team Three just after the attacks on the World Trade Centers. Upon returning from his tour of duty in Afghanistan Jason began the demanding six month selection for the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. On September 11th, 2008 Jason and John John Wayne Marcum a fellow Seal came under heavy fire from both Taliban and Al-Queda fighters near the Pakistan border. Despite intense enemy fire Jason and John assaulted forward and pressed the fight. Both died within moments and within feet of each other. They were swim buddies in life and they were faithful to each other in death. Swim buddies are never more than six feet apart and Seals never leave men behind. Both of these men were highly decorated warriors who had survived over a thousand high risk missions. Jason Freiwald was our friend and we miss him. Today lets never forget that people risk their lives for us not because they have too but because they want too. Today lets forget about politics and simply raise our glasses and salute the men and women who have and who continue to serve.

3 rds for time:
400m run
21 squat cleans, 95lbs
21 burpees


I didn't know where the 400m run was because Leilani decided leave Marc and myself alone in the gym. I should've asked before she left. I've fallen in love with squat cleans within the past month. So that was probably my favorite part. Burpees sucked as always. This WOD definitely felt good though, maybe because I had to run by a whole bunch of lady gymnasts when I did my run shirtless! (;

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