13 November 2008


I can say that the past year has been really invigorating not because anything went well, but because I learned a bunch (and am still learning). I [mostly] know who I am and what I want. That alone right there makes things easier to do. This whole "Do you" thing is stupid. Of course you're going to do 'you'. 'You' might include following trends and saying this, that and the third, but don't we all follow trends? "Do You" is a g'damn trend. Shutthefuckupalready. Stop boasting (see: oversaturated swagger) and get on with yourself. Good job inspiring others, but it's getting annoying. But I digress. I know I get can get on the negative tip and linger there a while.

I'm at this age where you do find out exactly what you want: who you want as friends, what you enjoy doing, eating, buying, seeing, and where you want to be. Although I've mooched and been a leech (my bad) for a minute, being down here at the bottom shows you some real shit. Sadly, I'm one of those types who really need to fail to succeed. As Ammery observed I'm really "extreme". I've been saying passionate, but they're really one in the same. When I'm happy and excited I'm REALLY happy and excited. When I'm calm, I'm reeeeally calm/relaxed/monotone. When I'm jealous, I'm a hater. When I'm angry, please don't come near. When I'm sad, I'm damn near depressed. But that makes me me. I'm transparent and I suck at hiding my feelings. The problem I've been having is not being in those positive moods more often like I should. I'm not busy so I somehow become REALLY not busy (make sense?).

Alas, the reason I write this post. After waiting and waiting for my little gym that could to grow and become bigger, I have the opportunity to expand it into a bigger (on all scales) business. We're looking to move our affiliate to the South Lake Union/Eastlake/Capitol Hill area as soon as we find a box, aquire proper equipment and finalize a business plan. Exciting times.

Last year when the opportunity arose, I jumped in head first because I was realizing my dream of owning and running my own facility. I didn't care that it was small, in an awkward location and "raw". It was mine and I was proud. The trouble was that I quit my job that kept me financially safe (it paid very well) to run my facility full-time. Little did I think that we were going to have to build from ZERO and that it was going to be a slow process. I started feeling the hit financially, which was always my biggest weakness. I didn't care though, I was living my dream. All the trouble I put my family and friends through, please know that I'm going to get right and take those worries off of your shoulders. This is going to be my dream realized. It's going to take a lot of hard work, but anything that's worth it is (right?). This past year was a huge lesson for me and I believe that I know what to do now. It's the concept I always talk about: Failing Forward. No one successful ever gets it right the first time and there are no such things as being lucky. There are only hard workers who want it. Those who have determination and g'damn it, now I've got it.



  1. i'm the same with the whole "needing to fail to succeed" thing. and kinda still down there with the whole financial stability in switching jobs right now too (i guess not feeling financially safe right now has made me feel less like kickin it as of late). at least the thing with you is that you KNOW what you want and you have your dream that is coming into it's own. gotta let it out and just rant sometimes y'know. good shit.

  2. FCF moving to SLU? could be dope! Good luck man.

    Also, remember that while you always want to strive for independence and self reliance, getting help from others can really help you reach your goals. Keep networking and keep working, then hopefully others will want to help and work with you more and more. FCF could be big!