02 November 2008

yumbo yack that was fast

October went by quick, yeah? This week blew by as well. First, a quote:

"Change is sometimes the most painful thing we have to do, but also could be the best thing you never knew you needed" - Gabriel

Really though, I need to slow down right quick:
  • Wednesday - Fusion with Sammee. Drank too much, Pizza Ragazzi afterwards
  • Thursday - Cowgirls Inc. with Mel and Marc. Rode a mechanical bull for the first time and kicked it's motherfuggin ass. My index finger became swollen )=. Drank too much, Honeycourt afterwards
  • Friday - Halloween! I went to Bremerton to catch up with Joe, bought our onesies at Target, met up with Dwinson and drove back to Seattle. Dressed up and prefunked at Marc's and we all headed out to Baltic Room. Drank and danced too much. Denny's Jack in the Box afterwards, where I proceeded to buy myself waaay too much food.
  • Saturday - First day back to work in a long time. Directly after work went to War Room with Mel and the folk, chilled because it was so relaxed. Then out of nowhere it became a full house. Talked to random folk on the roof and then bounced out and met back up with Mel over at Venom. Dope shit because of daylights savings! 1am repeated and we had an extra hour to drink.. sooo dope. Drank (not as) much, hot dog truck near War Room, then down to chill in Renton.
  • Sunday - Banya to detox and relax. Too bad it's busy season. And too bad it's Sunday aka "Family Day", so I had these little shits running around, being loud and splashing around in the pools*. So much for relaxing. I accidentally fell asleep on a bench. Sam came by after her lunch date and we chilled. Not drunk, Red Robin afterwards. Great conversation as usual.
This week seems like it should be good. I just need to stay busy, I'm relapsing back into this sad mood. This time of year really makes me feel alone. But yea, the election is coming, the gym is going well and I'll hopefully be selling a big PT package soon, catching up with old friends, I'm reading for fun again (WHAT UP SPL), N. Seattle is about to see me, Evening Magazine is doing a story on Banya 5, maybe Fusion with Sammee again, going home to hang out with my moms and pops, work, and, of course, the weekend.

* If I could, the next time someone decides to fucking cannonball when I'm sitting on the bench next to the cold plunge when I'm obviously in a state of meditative peace (shown by my upright posture, lack of movement and closed eyes) I'm going to take a dry venik, beat the shit out of you, and then start shoving it up your ass until you scream "I'm sorry" in Russian.

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