25 November 2008


via Tita's blog I saw this cool little test online about your graphology. Anyone who knows anything about the PUA society knows how important this skill can be, so yeah. Haha..

My Results:
Andrew Bueno, your handwriting reveals that you are down-to-earth and sensible.

You remain cool and calm in most of the situations and do not tend to over-emphasize on anything. You love taking initiatives, but at the same time you never rush into anything.

Does this sound like me? Tita and I had the same results. Those who have seen my handwriting, does this make sense? I always write in print and it's very legible. People usually comment on my handwriting when they see it, especially when I'm doing the personal training thing. My signature looks like a lifeline and I purposely did that. Hmm. Cold reading is funny.

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