09 November 2008


Yesterday Dwinson, Mikey and Tony went out to the grand opening of CrossFit Bellevue (in Factoria, haha) to show support to the new affiliate. They have a great facility and an even greater staff. Anywho, they didn't really have a group workout planned because they wanted to just do demos, but since we were there they threw us into one:

Rowing "Helen"
3 rds for time:
500m row
21 swings, 50lbs
12 pullups


Sadly we didn't break any of their gym records. I also ripped my callus on my right hand, where I had a blood blister from the other day. We did, however, impress them with our work ethic and especially our form on our movements. No one at CFB had a butterfly kip yet, or had seen kipping pullups to the chest as a standard (see: Mikey the Gorilla). It was good times, not to mention they gave us a whole bunch of stuff for $Free.99:
  • Emerald City Smoothie
  • Kirkland brand water
  • Subway sandwhiches
  • Usana TenX Blast anti-oxidant bars
  • more food
  • free workouts
  • and a CrossFit Bellevue shirt.
Dope. I wish my other gym members would've came out to see our diversity. We were just a gang of young asian/brown men. Regardless, they would love to have us back. One of the trainers named Gabe really wanted to do another workout after all the socializing and skill work. So a whole bunch of us did

4 rds for time:
15 ab-mat situps
10 knees-to-elbows

3:47 (or something)

I totally forgot to write down my results. This workout sucked too. That and all the ladies finished before any of the guys did. How humbling. They also had a CrossFit Kids program that was unbelievably amazing. I would always hear about it and see it online, but it's so different in person. What these children do is inspiring. It makes me give hope that not all kids are going to end up unfit and obese. I would really want to get Mikey certified for that because he's already working with kids and kids seem to love the dude. There were little 5 year-old girls doing multiple strict pullups and 18-inch box jumps at a height of 3 feet. There was another young girl named Jessica who owned everything and competed with the adults AT 13 years of age. I would love to take her and her brother Daniel as my Padawan Learners and teach them all the little tricks I know.

Good times, but I was shaky, weak, tired and sleepy for the remainder of the day. I didn't even want to go out anymore, so I just chilled at Marc's joint. Enjoyed a gin & tonic and a Blue Moon and called it a night.

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