19 April 2010

Week 5

Wednesday 14APR2010
1030 @ Urban CF

BS 60 85 95 119
P 20 30 40 53-54-54
DL 60 100 120 140 150

Craig made me narrow my stance for the backsquat. I let my hip go a couple of times, but at least I grasp the concept.

The nerves in my arms still fire off if I'm not careful of controlling the path of my elbows.

Failed 5th rep twice before using a belt. The bar should be held closer during these maximal efforts.

1200 @ Foundation CF

sled drags (15kg tire + 20kg bumper) uphill and back 3x
500m row 1:42 - Started off feeling strong as hell, then about 60 seconds in the conditioning got to me.
max standing box jump - 52"

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