22 January 2010


Rest: 5 hours


0830 Beef Primal Pac 55g
0900 Caffe Vita - 12oz drip
1345 Beef Primal Pac 55g

1200 @ FoundationCF

5 rds for time:
400m run
30 box jumps, 24"
30 wall ball shots, 20lbs

First workout since 01/11. No walking during the run, except for a complete stop in the beginning of my 3rd 400m. Lungs were burning. Box jumps weren't cycled as well as I know I can, but I definitely have to take it slow to build it back. Satisfied with my performance on the wall ball. It's my GOAT and Margaret made sure to bark at me when I took too long of a rest. Chad bit on our heels too! Good stuff.

Why did I do this one to come back?! Ah well, I remember back in High School how my S&C coach (and mentor) Mr. Freeman wrote in one of my strength workout logs for cheer "COMMITMENT?" every time I didn't write in my book. I need someone to do that as well.

It sucks because I find myself making excuses and no one here pushes me or holds me accountable. Maybe because I'm in charge? Still, I'm human and I make mistakes all the fucking time. Kick my ass someone!

My short term goals:

  • By April 1st, I want to be working out two days on, one day off. That should bring my S&C up quick.
  • 5 muscle-ups a day
  • 60 sec upside down
  • 60 sec isometric holds (L-sit, planche, iron cross progressions, levers, etc.)
I just want to get back to where I was at FCF 1.0.


I'm actually REALLY excited to see this. I've been a big fan of Banksy for a while, but always thought that he would prefer to stay off the grid. I don't think they'll show much of him, but we'll see his crew.

Hope it plays here in Seattle. Banksy representing the least popular element of hip hop: graf!


  1. AB, is that really all you eat? I'm curious.

  2. HELL NO. just that day. owning and running a business makes me forget to eat sometimes.

    days like this are days where i forget.