23 March 2009


Since the gym will be moving to a great location soon, I've been hanging around the area as much as possible to a.) familiarize myself with local businesses as well as the "flavor" of the neighborhood- the people, the sights, the smells, the look and b.) build my network by talking about the gym. I'm running out of business cards and my inbox has seen a huge influx of inquiries. We need a new logo so we can start printing tshirts. Any graphic designers out there up for trading services? Or website designers or photographers or massage therapists?

The new address?
1417 10th Ave, Studio #2
Seattle, WA 98122

the entrance is on 10th between Pike and Pine, use The Sweatbox's door

What will it look like? I believe we're going to keep the paint job our business mates have left on the walls: White, green and black.

the entrance is the door on the right

We have to figure out where and how to install some pullup bars here.

Oh damn am I excited. Capitol Hill- HERE I COME!

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