08 December 2008

The Lonely Island

Their newest joint (click here to watch the widescreen video)

... and apparently the first single from their long-awaited album INCREDIBAD.

Dan and I have been fans of The Lonely Island for a long time now. From their failed tv pilot Awesometown to them joining the staff of Saturday Night Live! Andy is obviously the feature player. Jorma and Akiva are part of the writing staff. Good thing they joined, SNL was going downhill. Anywho, they're funny dudes.

download: The Heist - Incredibad. "CHAMOMILE MOTHERFUCKAH!"

Speaking of INCREDIBAD here was the ACTUAL first single from their overdue album:

The Bing Bong Brothers - "Wait":

Download the mp3 here. [right-click to save]

Speaking of SNL, an update on that 9-year-old relationship advice dude:

They have some real gems, but some misses too.

Some of their gems:

"Dick In a Box"

"Body Fusion"

"People Getting Punched"

"Natalie Raps"

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