22 September 2008

Welcome Autumn!

It's officially the beginning of Fall: the Northwest's default season. Even when it's not Autumn, it can feel like it. Cloudy skies, the temperature runs below 60 degrees, rain, wind-chill, darkness around 5pm. I grew up here so I'm cool with it.*

After not really sleeping again I worked on my resume for a good while. Picked Kristina up from work and then we hung out at her house while we hooked up my old surround sound system for tonight's HEROES premiere! I bounced out for a mandatory meeting at Banya 5.

In my normal fashion, I arrived last. We had a pretty good meeting and accomplished/discussed many things. Afterwards we ate, some folks drank the MGD and Coors Light someone brought. After THAT we all shvitzed and Mondays are amazing! Since they aren't open on Mondays, each modality has been completely left alone, allowing each to level off at it's proper levels: the hot tub reaches 104 degrees, the Turkish steam room gets to 115 degrees, the Parilka hit 215, the cold plunge was probably at 60 degrees and the tepid salt water = 85 degrees. After a good hour and a half of shvitzing I headed back up north to my sister joint for the Heroes Season 3 premiere party. Still here.

Steph- I'm waiting for your personal concert minute-reviews for me.

Happy 22nd Birthday to my little brother Mikey. He got a PS3! Game Over- y'all ain't gon see me in a minute. Why? Metal Gear Solid 4 baby.

Solid Snake

*It irks the shit out of me when people complain about the weather. DUDE- YOU'VE LIVED HERE FOR A MINUTE. If you're not down, move the fuck away!

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