27 September 2008


Since I became DJ Hyphen's official "camera mayne" I've been able to meet some dope artists. Today was no different- Don Will and Von Pea of Tanya Morgan stopped by the studio for an interview since they're here for the Freshly Dipped Tour with the hometown heroes Blue Scholars and the legendary Hieroglyphics. I wish I was able to hit up their show tonight, but I had already made plans to pull and all-nighter with Mikey and RJ to play (AND BEAT!) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots within 24 hours, starting as soon as I get off work tonight @ 11pm.

The dudes talked things like upcoming projects, life on tour, politics, dream collaborations, etc. Listen to his show, Sunday Night Sound Session w/ DJ Hyphen and J. Moore every Sunday on KUBE 93 @ 10:45pm. If you're not able to catch it you can always download it from Hyphen's blog.

Don Will- I hope you copped those Vans from GOODS. You seemed antsy about getting them.


A bit ago while here at work, the owner's wife came in and from what I've been told, she's VERY picky about how the spa looks and runs. As the attendant, my job is to make sure that the actual spa runs well and looks fresh and clean. I've heard that in the past she wasn't too keen on how some of the attendants did their jobs, verbally letting the right people know.

Anywho, I was in the back and my manager kind of scared me with the condition of the place since a couple of tasks hadn't been done yet (checking the women's locker room) and so we had to put everything in high gear. This sucked because I wasn't having the best of days (mainly, eating breakfast right before doing "Fight Gone Bad" so my stomach didn't settle right) and I didn't have the energy I've been exuding for the past week. I didn't remember what the lady looked like so I made sure to smile and stay busy in front of any woman who came by or who could see me. One of the tasks I do is squeegie-ing (is that a word?) the floor because water gets everywhere. Luckily for me I'm a bit OCD and take the longest time squeegie-ing everything, making sure that those surfaces become dry.

I realized which lady she was and the look she was giving me wasn't very welcoming. I could feel her stare burning into my chest as I tried my best to make the place look gooood. She wasn't smiling and it seemed as if she was grilling me. My heart was beating fast because I thought she'd be like "Hey you! You take way too long doing that and you could be spending time doing _____ (whatever other tasks)! Blah blah blah" and she would somehow fire my ass.

I put my squeegie back on the rack in the attendant station and stood there looking at my checklist to see if I needed to do anything. She walked up, still not smiling, and placed her hand out to introduce herself. We shook hands and I was awaiting something/anything to be said. "You do a fantastic job at keeping this place clean. I love your attention to detail. Thank you."

WHEW! What the fuck man, thanks for the compliment. I guess she's like me and just doesn't look happy when she's got a straight face. She walked off and I scattered upstairs to go make some tea.

Some of my coworkers then told me about her raving about me and how well I do my job here. Yeah- I deserve a star (because we have a "star board").


And speaking of "FGB" I hit a personal record of 347 today at my gym. Tony beat me (I SEE YOU!), but it's all good. I'll murk him in all the other workouts (=

A huge amount of CrossFit affiliates did the "Fight Gone Bad" workout today to raise money for prostate cancer.

More info on today's workout here.

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