22 September 2008

The Revamp

me and my sister Kristina

I may or may not have told you that 2009 will be my year of true development. Health-wise I will become completely one with CrossFit- following the official WOD, eating strictly Paleo (w/ occasional monthly cheat days), complete sobriety w/ no exceptions all making me become harder, better, faster, stronger (c) 'Ye.

I am going to become more in-tune with my responsibilities as a person and as a professional by becoming more punctual, rearranging my priorities by importance (see: work vs. play), staying in tune with time management and developing my dream goal of running a bigger gym. When it's completely, I'll post up the contract I'll be having with myself.


Today was a good day. Woke up and headed to Banya 5 to shvitz. Stayed there for a good 4 hours. I probably did a good four rounds and gave two platzas. My new routine: after the initial shower I warm-up in the steam room for as long as possible then take a seat somewhere in the Banya and cool off completely. When dry I head into the parilka and stay there for as long as possible, watching the beads of sweat build and finally drip off my body. Immediately out of the sauna I'll jump into the cold plunge (sometimes I speed vault into it) and start moving around to completely cool down the blood and constrict all of capillaries. Probably around 5 minutes or so in there I'll jump out and take a seat again OR lay down to dry off.

From there I'll either rehydrate with tea (Electrify or Purify ftw) and/or water.* From there it's either another round or just jumping back into the parilka.

I left Banya and met up with Sheena and Jenna who were just at the Seahawks game (W!) eating at Contour. Cheap good eats for their happy hour. Ate their mac and cheese and their lamb kabobs. Napped afterwards.

*Too bad we don't sell any more Kombucha Wonder Drinks. The Ginger Asian Pear flavor was the best.

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