24 September 2008


Bomb.com = Chicken Teriyaki Bowl + Shrimp Tempura @ Whole Foods. $9.76 after tax. Tell me that's not awesome.

I really enjoy their teriyaki bowls because they layer the bowl first with your choice of white or brown rice, then they place delicious steamed bok choy and bell peppers together covering the rice, finally covering all of that with (pulled, not sliced) chicken. They give you the option of drenching the bowl with sauce or not, but you might as well.

The tempura was also a treat. The best piece in my mix was definitely the suprise red bell pepper. Deep fried it was juicy and sweet. At first I thought it was another shrimp (they give you plenty), then upon closer inspection thought it was a sweet potatoe. Only after the first bite did I realize it was a pepper. Damn that shit was good [/3stacks]

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