24 September 2008

No better breakfast..

.. than Qdoba chips and queso!

Got them last night, needed breakfast. I'm at Uptown Espresso down in South Lake Union, enjoying a morning coffee. Earlier I was feening for a chai, but when I arrived coffee sounded more pleasing. I'm starting to like this neighborhood more and more. I applied to Rain Fitness earlier and hoping that I get hired. I REALLY need to get a weekday 9-5 because my schedule is too clear and I'm not liking that at all now.


On the music tip "Daykeeper" by The Foreign Exchange [download] is my current jam. According to Hyphen their upcoming albulum Leave It All Behind features Phonte rapping only three verses. Those who were fans of Connected will surely be dissapointed if they were looking for Tay spitting [Dylan] hot fire [/Dylan]. Oh well, it's hot to me.

Anywho, time for a refill and work!

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