28 September 2008

Guns of the Patriots

so far:

Total Play Time 10:56
Continues 9
Alert Phases 74
Kills 481
Recovery Items Used 36
Weapon Types Procured 30
Flashbacks Watched 53
Special Items Used [Not Used]

Total Bonus 9740 DP
Current Drebin Points 61,551 DP

I just watched the fight between Raiden and Vamp.

I played for somewhere between 4 to 5 hours last night before passing out. RJ left for work in the morning and Mike was also passed out. When I woke up I went directly back into the game. Because the game is on Playstation3, every once in a while you'll have to do an "install" so that the game runs well. It basically prerenders everything (a pre-load, if you will). It's funny because during these breaks you're given the treat of watching an animation of Snake taking a smoke break. Text pops up and gives you suggestions like taking a walk or looking off into the distance. They also tell you that smoking is hazardous to your health. Good times Hideo! Good times.

A couple of real breaks were taken (brushed my teeth, showered, ate, and walked around to enjoy the sun for a second) but the game must continue!



On a separate note, here's a dope Royce Da 5'9" site: http://nickelnine.com/

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