04 May 2009

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Because it's funny and there's a lot of truth to it:


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Thruster's Suck

I've edited it a bit.

Thrusters look great on paper. They deliver a serious punch to the CV system. Take a step back and you see the thruster for what it is: A bastardized low-skill compromise made up for trainees with training ADD. They do a great job to "mess you up" but, fuck, what's the purpose of it, really, because running sprints will fuck you up harder and faster, especially hill sprints.

Even if the weather is terrible, there are better options.

It's a ugly combination of front squat and push press and in most videos of the thruster, you see a whole lot of undesirable things happening. Add that in with a certain type of trainee's zest for doing something all-out without first acquiring the mastery, and you'll start to see why it's a junk movement, and not really a front squat + push press.

Let's start with the squat portion...it's not a front squat because you rack a front squat. Most thrusters have you doing some kind of squat with the bar being held at the shoulder level, but not racked. Given the somewhat high velocity of the thruster movement, this is a lot of unnecessary, and, dare I say it, stupid stress on the wrist, which isn't quite that robust of a joint. While this might not be an issue with PVC, or a lighter bar, eventually most folks doing this as a metabolic conditioning movement will put enough slop into it to do something nasty to their wrists. Let's also talk about rebounding out of the squat for a newer trainee...not a good idea. Some experienced olympic lifter types have adapted to this, but the newbie hasn't.

Now the overhead portion has a similar issue...you are essentially transfering forces from the ground, up through your legs and core, and then overhead...except it's not the core that's taking the brunt, it's the wrist. Pavel talks about leakage...even in the best videos of thrusters, you'll see leakage through the wrists. And shoulders. What happens when you rebound with the bar held in your hands, it jams your shoulders down.

Using dbs or kbs makes the movement more palatable since many of these issues are eliminated.

Overall there are better ways to get this response.

Now, the combination movement of front squat + push press isn't a bad strength movement combination and many have pointed out that it has it's use. That's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about doing it hard and fast with bad form. That's no way to develop virtuosity.

And, because it's funny:

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