26 June 2009


6pm @ King CrossFit

amrap in 20 min:
5 thrusters, 115lbs
7 hang power cleans, 115lbs
10 sdhp, 115lbs

5 rds + 5, 7, 7

The WOD rx'ed is 95lbs, but I did this with Marc, Winnie, Andrew V. and Paolo and we didn't have enough bumpers so I jumped up. According to the comments it looks like 11 rds is good goal. My back was the first thing to feel this and then my neck (SCM's) went out. Hard shit man. I can definitely tell that my strength and conditioning has suffered greatly from taking this long ass break.

Time to get to it (yet again). I'm going to start working out with the 5:30pm class.

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